Archie: a new cricket legend is emerging

Archie's greatest wish is to captain the Australian Cricket team. Follow along and get behind him as he begins his journey.

Meet Archie

Archie, 6, has spent much of his short life in hospital as he battles a life-threatening heart condition.

At just three months old, he had his first open heart surgery - with 12 further surgeries since then.

Much of Archie's day-to-day life consists of hospital stays and specialist visits, resulting in many missed days of school and playing with friends.

Starting on a wish journey will give him something positive to focus on and build the emotional resilience he needs to continue fighting.

There are 700 kids like Archie on a wish journey in Australia right now


Wishes for a puppy so she's never lonely

Matilda, 7, is non-verbal and has Batten Disease. Before she lost mobility, Matilda loved animals - her mum says a furry friend will give her comfort and companionship so she never feels alone.


Wishes for his best friend genie

John, 5, is living with cystic fibrosis. He wishes for a genie best friend to jump in muddy puddles and eat endless jam sandwiches with - things he isn’t normally allowed due to his condition.

Help make more life-changing wishes like Archie's possible

The wish is showing Archie that he can do absolutely anything he sets his mind to. And that dreams do come true.

Sarah Archie's mum

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Together with our #WishForce, we’re on a mission to bring a unique wish experience to life for every eligible child in Australia fighting a serious illness.

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